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About the Change Alliance

The Change Alliance is an emerging global network of organisations joining forces to increase the effectiveness of the multi-stakeholder processes in which they engage. Its aim is to help improve the quality of the design, dialogue, learning, and facilitation, on which these processes depend. The logic of the Alliance is that complex problems demand a new dynamic of how governments, citizens, business and civil society organisations work together. On the NING, our online learning platform you will find interesting discussions, a Q&A section, blogs and announcements from members of the Change Alliance. For a short introduction to the change alliance you can read and share our four-pager "the Change Alliance in a nutshell".

Change Alliance Top Picks:

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Become a member of the Change Alliance Ning

Please visit the online learning platform of the Change Alliance! Here you will find interesting discussions, blogs, announcements and case studies regarding social change processes and related issues.

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Professionalising the Role of Multi-stakeholder Process Facilitation Networking Africa

Together with SNV Kenya, The Change Alliance community organised an exploratory meeting Kenya (from 1-3 December 2010) where experts in the field of the design and facilitation of multi-stakeholder change processes exchanged ideas, knowledge, experience, methods and challenges. If you are interested to know more, please

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Change Alliance Guide 2010

The establishment of our Change Alliance Guide 2010 is an ongoing process. Therefore I would like to inform you all that a new version of this "rule book" that is available now. We started to write down what the Change Alliance is about, how it functions and how it is governed. Please read it and post your comments...

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Strategy - Complexity blog

Innovation Dialogue held in Wageningen. Interesting discussions on strategy - complexity at Broker blog.


Call for Expressions of Interest: Convening partners to conduct locally initiated multi-stakeholder dialogues

We are living in an age characterized by climate change, financial collapse, resource depletion and a growing gap between rich and poor, amongst other factors. In order to properly address ...

updated: 2013-10-10 02:40

Writeshop for next Barefoot Guide 'Exploring the Real Work of Social Change'

The Barefoot Guide Connection is in the process of developing the next Barefoot Guide with the working title "Exploring the Real Work of Social Change". If you don't know ...

updated: 2013-08-21 09:11

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